School Cancellations & Delayed Starts
Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Please start now to make plans for where your children are to go if and when school is cancelled for the day, starts late, or is dismissed early because of bad weather.  Parents of younger students should let their child's teacher know what the plans are in case school is dismissed early because of bad weather.  Teachers can then reassure and remind the children what those plans are and we don't need to jam up the phone lines with a myriad of calls.  The office staff and district phone system cannot handle a large number of phone calls with last minute messages. 

School cancellations, Delayed Starts, or Early Dismissals due to bad weather will be announced in the following ways:

     * District website (

     * Apptegy Broadcasts email, voice mail or text messages from the district office

     * TV Stations (WBAY,  Channel 2; WTMJ, Channel 4; WITI, Channel 6; and WGBA, Channel 26)

     * Radio Stations (WTMJ 620 AM; WHBL 1330 AM; WOMT 1240 AM; 

        WBFM 93.7 FM; Lake 94.5 FM; WLKN 98.1 FM; WHBL 101.5 FM; WQTC 102.3 FM; WXER 104.5 FM)