Lessons Learned Through Basketball
Lessons Learned Through Basketball
Ann Parnitzke
Monday, December 03, 2018

This year, ten 7th grade girls joined the middle school basketball team.  After our first practice, I knew that we weren’t going to judge our season’s success on wins/losses, but basketball skill growth.  This team had very little basketball experience, but I was excited to work with this group. Although we didn't win any games, the girls did improve each game, and we had many moments that they should be proud of.  

The game against Elkhart Lake was one of those moments.  We were trailing by double digits in the second half. The girls made an amazing comeback.  The team hustled, passed the ball well, and made great shots to take the lead. Although we didn’t win the game, the team learned many great lessons.  Teamwork, working hard, and having a “Never Give Up” mentality will take you places in life.

Another moment that I will never forget is when an opponent decided to full court press our team.  After a time-out, the girls performed the perfect press breaker. They passed to their teammates all the way down the court and it led to a made lay-up.  It was ESPN top ten play worthy. Pretty sweet ladies!

I would like to thank the girls for giving me the opportunity to work with you.  It was a fun season filled with laughs, tears, and sweat. (Those pinnies need a washing!)  This will be a season that I will never forget.

Keep believing in yourself and know that you can accomplish more than you think!

The 7th grade players were: Mady, Esperanza, Lily R., Emily B., Whitley, Lily H., Katie, Elly, and Emily S. (Not pictured McKenna)

Coach Parnitzke