Northview Pledge

I am part of the Northview School Family

I am Kind. I am caring & helpful with others.
I include people who might be left out.
I treat everyone as a friend.

1st Grade:
I have Self-Control . I follow the rules at home, school, and in the community.
I know right from wrong and I make choices to keep myself and others safe.

2nd Grade:
I am Honest. I tell the truth.
I can be trusted to never cheat or steal.
I keep my promises.

3rd Grade:
I Respect others. I believe that everyone's ideas, thoughts, and feelings are important.
I am learning to take care of myself, my school and my community.

4th Grade:
I am Responsible . I am accountable for my words & actions.
I think about my choices & make good decisions.

I am an adult member of the Northview School Family. I understand that my actions, words,
and attitudes have a powerful impact on the development of the children in my life. It is my job
to set and example of kindness, self-control, honesty, respect, and responsibility. It is my job
to teach the life skills that children need in order to be successful adults.


I am part of the Northview School family