As principal of Northview Elementary, I am very proud and excited to welcome you to our vibrant and talented school filled with endless possibilities for children to learn, grow and explore. Northview Elementary school is a friendly, positive, and an educationally rich environment which promotes character and high academic standards.

Our entire staff is passionate and dedicated to seeing all students successful and unlocking their full potential. We are committed to ensuring the whole child’s needs are being reached on an individual level. The staff work continuously to effectively differentiate to students’ needs through collaborative and innovative efforts. Ongoing professional development combined with teaming within/across grade levels and departments allow our staff to provide effective instructional strategies to meet the needs of every student.

We strive to motivate all children through modeling our love of learning and desire to improve ourselves. We believe in providing a safe and positive environment that emphasizes kindness, self-control, honesty, respect, and responsibility.

Jason Cole