Second Step Program

The Second Step program is used to teach self-discipline and responsibility to students - including positive communication and conflict resolution skills. This program teaches social and emotional skills for violence prevention. The program is used in it's entirety in the Kindergarten and First grade classrooms and the concepts are used throughout the elementary grades.

The program is research-based, has a parent-education component, and focuses on the following skills:

  • Empathy
  • Impulse Control
  • Anger Management
  • Problem Solving

By understanding their emotions and how to respond to them, young students are able to remain focused on academics.

For more information on the Second Step program and to view the family video, please contact your child's teacher or myself. More information regarding the program is available at: www.committeeforchildren.org .

What To Do With a Strong Feeling?

Stop and Think!

How Does My Body Feel?

1. Calm Down

2. Take Three Deep Breaths

a. Count Slowly

b. Think Calming Thoughts (Happy Place)

c. Talk to Yourself (tell yourself to calm down)

3. Think How to Solve the Problem (Use the Problem-Solving Steps)

4. Think About it Later

How to Solve Problems: Use S.T.E.P.!

S: Say the problem - Without blame!

T: Think of solutions - That are safe and respectful!

E: Explore consequences - What could happen if.....

P: Pick the best solution - Make your plan! What will work the best?