Dear HGSD Parents, Staff and Community,                                                                        October 9th, 2020


Thank you for all that you are doing and understanding as we transition this week to a hybrid model at the Middle School and High School.  We have also made additional adjustments at Northview to help improve social distancing and reduce contact tracing.  We know that this week has been difficult for families and we are trying to do everything we can to ensure kids and staff are safe and that we can return to in-person learning. 


The Howards Grove High School and Middle school will begin the hybrid model of instruction on Monday, October 12th.   Cohort 1 (Names A to Lewis) meet Monday and Tuesday in-person and virtual the rest of the week.   Cohort 2 (names Lilyquist to Z) meet in-person Thursday and Friday and virtual the rest of the week.  Wednesdays are a flex day for instruction; students will be required to engage virtually with their courses.   Some students will be requested to meet in-person or in virtual groups with teachers on Wednesdays to get caught up in classes or work in a laboratory or classroom environment.  Students will be required to attend those groups when requested or they will be marked absent.   Please review the link sent from the HS office via email on 10/7 at 5:00 p.m. that has more detailed information and a calendar for the HS hybrid schedule.

Northview Elementary students return to in-person learning on Monday, October 12th, as long as the student is not in quarantine or sick.  As we continue with in-person learning, we are asking you to continue to use the covid-19 screener and please keep your child home when they are experiencing any symptoms. Our goal is to provide in-person learning and in order for us to be successful it will take all of us to be mindful of our health, social distancing, and limiting interactions with others outside of school.  We will begin a routine of sending Chromebooks home for grades Kindergarten through fourth grade on a daily basis beginning Monday, October 12.  Students will need to bring the Chromebook to school each day, fully charged.

We have had a lot of questions regarding contact tracing and being a close contact.  A close contact is considered if an individual was within 6 feet for a cumulative time of 15 minutes regardless of masking, had physical contact with an individual such as a hug or high five, or came in contact with respiratory secretions such as cough, sneeze, or sharing personal items.   An individual is deemed a close contact if any of those apply starting two days prior to a positive individual’s symptom onset or two days prior to a positive COVID test if asymptomatic. 

Once we receive notification of a positive COVID case within the district, we immediately begin the process of starting to contact trace with the direction of the Public Health Department.   It is a lengthy process that includes many variables: classroom, lunch, bussing, extra-curricular activities just to name a few.   Any individual who is determined to be a close contact, will be under a county quarantine per the Sheboygan Public Health Department. 

Students who are on a county quarantine must remain home until released from the county.  This includes not attending work, athletics, and other activities within the community.  Should symptoms develop during a quarantine period, please notify the office as well as Public Health.  If a close contact becomes symptomatic, district household members would be encouraged to stay home as well until COVID-19 is ruled out.  This is all in our efforts to decrease the percentage of community spread cases of COVID-19.   We appreciate your continued understanding and cooperation during this process.


We are all in this together and are here to help.  Please let us know if you have any questions.




Chris Peterson, Scott Fritz, Heather Zizis, Jason Cole, Josh Swanson, and Tracy Bandt