Dear Howards Grove School District,                                                                                                                                   

The Board of Education is committed to providing as much transparency as possible during this time of transition for our district.

 As you have all heard we have experienced tremendous turnover among our administrators.  We have heard from many of you asking why this may be happening.  As we are sure you can appreciate, the district is limited in what can and cannot be shared in relation to the employment of individuals within our district.  That said, there are any number of reasons employees leave employment. Given each situation is unique, and personnel matters are confidential, we are unable to discuss situation specifics.  We will say that while we share your disappointment as to the departure of our administrators, we wish them the absolute best as they take the next step in their careers.

 Jason Cole will be joining the Plymouth School District as a Principal.  Heather Zizis will be joining the Dodgeville School District as a Principal.  Scott Fritz will be joining the Kewaunee School District as Superintendent.  Josh Swanson will be joining the Shawano School District as Business Manager.  As we have previously shared, Chris Peterson will be joining the Southern Door School District as Superintendent.  Again, we wish them and their respective districts the absolute best.

 As I write this I am pleased to share that we have over 50 candidates for the Middle School Principal posting, more than 25 candidates for the Northview Principal posting and several candidates for the Business Manager posting.  WASB is in the final days of collecting applicants for the Superintendent role, and we are hearing there are several strong candidates for that role as well.  We look forward to reviewing the candidates this week.  We have plans to post the High School Principal role soon, and anticipate that we will begin reviewing candidates for that position in the next couple of weeks.

 We want to thank all of the community members, faculty and staff who participated in our focus groups as well as our listening sessions at the Middle School and Northview.

 As we move forward we wanted to take a moment to share with you some of the key priorities our new administrators will be asked to work on as they join the District.  Those priorities include the development of a strategic plan, the development of a long term plan for the buildings and grounds and the coordination of curriculum across the district, pre-K through 12th grade.  Beyond that we will also be looking for each of the administrators to get to know the teams they are responsible for leading as well as developing meaningful relationships across the district with all of our key stakeholders.

We understand your concern for our district.  We remind you that our district is full of faculty and staff who are dedicated to the success of our students, and we are confident that when candidates get to know our district even more closely, we will be able to identify great leaders who will be instrumental in building on our tradition of success and leading our district to a bright future.

David Loomis

Board President